We wish it was 57 again

Ronnie Apteker
2 min readJul 1, 2023

The violent crime stats in South Africa are frightening. The documentary film “57” takes one on a journey into the origins of this violence. When the film was made there were 57 murders a day in SA, on average. And that was not so long ago (the film was completed last year). That horrific number is sadly higher now.

57 — the number of people murdered every day in South Africa — a statistic that suggests a war zone rather than a country with a civilian crime issue.

This compelling and sensitive film offers important insight, solutions and hope. It is currently on Amazon in the USA and UK. It should also come out in SA soon too. Watch it. It will talk to your soul. If you are not inspired by what you see I will give your your money back.

One of the biggest issues in South Africa is that of violent crime. Most people will say it is the single biggest issue. There are too many murders a day in SA. And that is not ok. Just about everyone you know in SA has a crime story. It is often hard to believe.