They say that money talks, but for most, it just says “goodbye”

You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality. — Ayn Rand

Dollars are being printed as you read this. Inflation is on the rise. People are scared to go out, and nervous to spend. Many of the shops and restaurants that did survive the lockdown, may not be able to see it through past the new year. There is simply not enough business to keep them going. Most people don’t have a cent to spare.

Since the subprime crises, all that America has really done is put band-aids on the economy. The fundamental problem, with the perverted system of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, still remains.

Deficit spending is going up up up. The system is bankrupt and the US government is printing money to try and avoid a collapse. Remember, numbers don’t lie though. People do. The only thing keeping this system going is faith in the US dollar. As it says on the dollar “In God We Trust”. God help us all.

Contrived, manipulated stock markets, propped up by printed new dollars, are at their highest levels. The markets looks good, but the reality is not. Income inequality is going to lead to a revolution. The biggest crime in the world is not that you can’t get a job. The crime is that you can get a job but cannot survive.

America keeps printing and printing money, backed by nothing. Yes, they promise to settle their debts, but that is becoming impossible. They are now taking the piss. And China, one of the biggest holders of this debt, has had enough. Turbulence ahead — it is going to be a bumpy ride. China has made it clear they are not going to buy any more US debt, and that it will start selling all its US debt.

Debt default and collapse of the US dollar are becoming a real possibility.

The American government ultimately doesn’t spend their citizens’ taxes — they spend their great great great great great great great grandchildren’s taxes.

China did not force America to buy their goods and set up their manufacturing there. Short-sighted greed has a price. The problem lies with moving manufacturing away from the American workers in the never-ending pursuit of higher profits and compensations for executives and shareholders.

The Waltons family is the richest family in America, while their employees struggle to make ends meet. Rather than getting more money to the American workers, American companies want to pay them as little as possible just to keep pumping the obscene amounts of money their investors already have.

America needs to start manufacturing back on its home soil, but with wages being so low, and considering the stretched working class, it is going to be difficult to change — America also got used to cheaper goods from China.

Greed is a vicious cycle.

The more dollars America prints the more vulnerable they are. The US dollar is still the world’s reserve currency and they are relying too much on this fact, and are over borrowing and over spending. Which country is dumb enough to continue holding US debt. And with zero interest rates, this debt generates no income. At some point all parties come to an end.

America has bullied way too many people with their control of international banking that more and more countries are looking for alternative to the US dollar.

Trump is antagonizing China each and every week. And Trump is also pissing off Japan, who are the biggest holders of US debt.

Americans went to China for cheap labour and for their vast market. But the greed of the West has gone too far. And the fools of Wall Street actually thought that doing business with China would Americanize them.

Americans make hardly anything anymore, leaving them with very little leverage when it comes to international trade. American mom and pop shops were sold down the river, as Walmart and Amazon just cannibalize everything.

At the time of his election, Trump said many compelling things, about bringing back jobs to America, and unfair trade deals, etc., but the reality is, the rich have gotten way richer since Trump came into power and the working class are out of steam.

Trump does not know how to run an honest business. He has been bankrupt so many times, and each time he simply bullies and bullshits his way out of it. He is an untrustworthy misfit, and he applies his same twisted actions to America, that he did with his business affairs, and it does not work at this level.

You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.

Trillions are being thrown at the stock market, to prop it up — what an illusion. Who is the government trying to fool. Apparently, everyone. The stock market being sky high is not the same as having a strong economy. What ever happened to the fundamentals? If the stock market was related to the general public, then we would have a different scenario. But, it is not.

Those who are getting richer from this sham, are too blinded by greed. And they simply don’t seem to care. There is no more free market —it is manipulated. And again, those in the money are pigging out. They are getting richer and richer. And the masses are getting shafted. I am pretty sure those trillions are not going to those who need it most.

Where did the recent 500 billion dollars go that is part of the PPP (Paycheck Protection Program)? Last week the US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told Congress that the Trump administration will keep the names of the businesses that have received this money confidential.

Making sure fortunes in tax dollars go to the work force, and not to fat cats, begins with knowing where the money goes. What are they hiding? Are massive corporations masquerading as small businesses receiving funds? Are President Donald Trump’s and Mnuchin’s friends getting money when they shouldn’t be? There needs to be complete transparency.

Soon the protests won’t be against racism, but it will be about the gap between the rich and the poor. Greed is a way bigger disease than corona, and inequality is the result.

If racism went away, miraculously, then what would actually change. The rich would still exploit the poor. This is about the lack of kindness across the board. Yes, racism is real and it is ugly, but the problem in the world is way bigger than racism. Greed doesn’t care what colour or culture a person is. Greed exploits everyone.

I am an artist and an entrepreneur.

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