The world is doing the bare minimum to help Ukraine

Ronnie Apteker
3 min readMar 31, 2022

No one in Kyiv thought that Russia would invade. No one thought that the war would go on for this long. Most thought it was going to be over in a couple of days. No one in the world thought that the Ukrainians would put up such a fight. And if you reckon that this is about Russia VS Ukraine then I think that you are wrong. This is about good VS evil, and that affects all of us.

If evil is allowed to thrive then God help us all. Evil, like a cancer, will spread, and before long we will all be terminal.

“This whole tragedy is a terrible reflection of all of us as humans. Selfishness, ego, greed, envy … it is all coming the surface as this tragedy unfolds.”

So, yes, we all need to help fight this evil, in any way we can. I know all the arguments about NATO and what the consequences will be if the West gets directly involved. Putin is not going to push the button. They are too selfish and indulgent for that, with their lavish lifestyles and what not.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. — Edmund Burke

The West needs to grow some balls and call Putin’s bluff. This is about fighting evil and if we bury our heads in the sand, then it is going to haunt us all until the end of time. Humanity is being tested here, and in my view, we are failing.

I am no economist but one quick look on Google and you can see that the Russian Ruble has basically bounced back. So much for all these tough measures the West are putting in place.

America and the West (NATO specifically) don’t want to send in troops to help in the fight against evil. No one is even asking them too. Mr. Zelensky is begging for support. For arms and technology, to help them fight off this evil. And yet, he is getting mostly lip service.

When we were in Krakow, after leaving Ukraine, I met a man from the world’s leading military contractor. A very warm, decent American man. It was a chance meeting, and we have stayed in touch online. This is what he sent me a few days ago, “I attended President Biden’s speech last night in Warsaw. Good speech. Nice words. Weapons, aircraft and ammunition would be better.”

I keep thinking, with each passing day, how naive I really am. If you think that Putin is going to stop at Ukraine then you are naive too. Again,this is not about Ukraine and Russia. This is about good and evil. If we allow this evil to fester and spread then God help us all.

“The world is learning that we are all connected and evil against on of us will affect all of us. The impact of the last 6 weeks is going to be years of suffering globally.”