Go already and take that stupid hair with you

My hair may not be perfect but it’s mine. — A misfit of a US President (soon to be ex-President)

Ronnie Apteker
3 min readNov 5, 2020


We know Trump will not be leaving the White House soon. He may lose the vote but he ain’t going gracefully. He will get dirty and he will fight. A dirty fighter — that is Mr. Trump.

The bigger issue is about the system, and the perversion of capitalism, of which Trump is the mascot. In the years ahead we will see the wealth gap get even bigger, and it will reach a boiling point at some point. Too many people are suffering and they won’t stay quiet forever. Unrest is going to be the new norm. I am just surprised it has taken this long to reach this point.

This speech Trump gave says it all. He is a bully and a bullshitter and he does not play by the rules. A man who does not know the meaning of an honest day’s work. He has never built a real business. All he understands is debt. And how to take advantage of the system.

Trust underpins everything. Without trust nothing works. The trust in America was thin when Trump became president 4 years ago. And now, the trust is at a new low. Trump is untrustworthy.

Sadly, so many people who said they would never vote for Trump actually did vote for Trump. Yes, the trust is in the gutter. The system will continue to erode until there is an explosion. Greed has led us to this point, and Trump is the role model for greed. Biden ain’t gonna fix the system. But that is a discussion for another day. For now, most people I know are just relieved that Trump looks likely to be on his way out (kicking and screaming).

I am a capitalistic and capitalism works, in my view. But, when the system has been perverted to the extent it is now, and there are no consequences, then the end result is going to be an explosion. Eventually. There is the spirit of the law and the contract of the law. Trump loves to use the law to bully his way forward. But he is not within the spirit of things. Ever.

The contract has been broken. History will repeat itself. You can’t cheat nature forever. Greed is an arrogant disease.

So yeah, greed wins out. The perverted system continues to an inevitable conclusion. Trump or Biden did not cause this but Trump certainly takes the cake.

Demand every single vote be counted. The only vote thief here will be Trump. And finally, sadly, as to why our fellow Americans did not repudiate Trump yesterday in a massive way, as to why nearly 70 million Americans still embrace a bigot and a psychopath — well, we must have that discussion soon as to who we REALLY are. Shameful. Apologies to our Black brothers and sisters, and apologies to the rest of the world. — Michael Moore



Ronnie Apteker

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